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September 4, 2021 0 Comments

Currently, even the smallest procedures are simplified, but they can really make our life easier, especially if these are procedures that are easy to perform, but very often need to be applied in practice. For example, one can mention travel agencies that need better conditions to provide high quality services to all customers. Thus, Travitude is travel agency software that automates payments and reservations, making it much easier to manage your business properly.

This travel agency software is very easy to implement, which is a great advantage as the operations are not complicated and do not cause a headache. In fact, there are four simple steps to follow and it all starts with the initial configuration that needs to be set up, then suppliers are set up, payment methods selected and small details can be added if desired. intentionally.

This is how it all starts and now you enjoy countless benefits. Offers can be automated and created as needed. Packages can be customized to your liking and can include multiple accommodation options, flights, airport transfers, and a host of other conditions. Thanks to the combination of XML and API, they are offered directly in your user interface.

Everything is automated and efficient, and customers can see all the offers on offer in real time and make all reservations directly from their own platform, which is much easier without having to access multiple different sources.

Everything is automated, so the customer does not need to visit each supplier individually, as the reservation can be set up immediately on their own platform, which is connected to the supplier via XML / API. Customers have the ability to view offers in real time and make desired reservations immediately, which means no work is required, everything is digital.

Plus, you don’t even have to worry about your marketing budget as the costs involved are drastically reduced. Therefore, only four simple steps are required to get this Travitude travel agency software to work and it all starts with the initial setup and installation of the software. Then the desired sellers are set up and preferred payment methods are selected and, if desired, the platform can be adapted to facilitate the creation of your own brand.

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